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Letter of Invitation

Wim J.G. Oyen On behalf of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine, it is my pleasure to invite you to the 28th Annual EANM Congress in Hamburg, Germany in October 2015.

Multidisciplinarity has always been a core value of our discipline, but also of our work with colleagues from all medical professions and many sciences. Our achievements and the potential that our technology offers for optimal patient care and exciting science are well recognised and well appreciated.

The EANM 2015 meeting will build on the traditions that are highly appreciated by EANM members and congress attendees, with the introduction of new features and the expansion of some established ones. The plenary lectures will address clinical molecular imaging and nuclear medicine therapy and – within the Molecule to Man track – the search for new targets and the development of new probes for these targets. Again, we have a long list of guest speakers who will lecture in the multidisciplinary joint symposia where our EANM Committees provide an insight into the collaborations they have established outside of nuclear medicine. We very much hope that the trend towards global participation and interaction will continue to develop at EANM 2015. As every year, our EANM Committees have put great effort into providing you with state-of-the-art Continuous Medical Education sessions, enhanced by interactive sessions for which we count on your attendance and participation. Furthermore, the European School of Nuclear Medicine, under the leadership of Prof. Val Lewington, will organise an increased number of educational sessions on cross-sectional imaging, allowing nuclear medicine physicians to enhance their knowledge of multimodality imaging, with which we are increasingly familiar in our daily clinical practice. The latest achievements in clinical nuclear medicine, science and technology will be presented and discussed during oral and poster sessions. We shall have featured oral sessions in which an invited speaker will either introduce the session at the start or summarise the session at the end to put the presentations into a broader perspective.

As both the Molecule to Man track (formerly called the Biology track) and the track on Targeted Radionuclide Therapy and Dosimetry (ISTARD) proved very successful and were highly appreciated last year, you will again find these in the programme for EANM 2015. Multiple committees will be working together to provide you, as attendees, with an integrated and coherent view on a wide variety of topics. Since we are visiting Germany, the German Society of Nuclear Medicine in the person of Prof. Susanne Klutmann, Professor of Nuclear Medicine at the University Clinic Hamburg-Eppendorf and our Local Ambassador to EANM 2015, will be sponsoring a full-day pre-congress symposium on prostate cancer and a symposium during the meeting on PET/MRI. Besides these scientific activities, I am confident that Prof. Klutmann will make us all feel very welcome in the city of Hamburg.

At the end of the meeting, we shall honour the tradition of summarising the meeting highlights in order to provide you with a broad overview of the science presented at EANM 2015. This year, I am delighted that, once again, two distinguished members of our community, Prof. Andreas Buck from Würzburg, Germany, and Prof. Clemens Decristoforo from Innsbruck, Austria, have agreed to take on this task.

I cordially invite you to EANM 2015 in Hamburg in October 2015, to attend and participate in our annual congress, to renew old friendships and start new collaborations and, last but not least, to enjoy the city of Hamburg.

Wim J.G. Oyen
EANM Congress Chair 2014-2016

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